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Your Guide to the Week of January 24thscorpio and leo friendship

Your Guide to the Week of January 24thscorpio and leo friendship

Your Guide to the Week of January 24thscorpio and leo friendship

Read your Guide to the Week of January 24th: a usable and concise toolkit for the week’s upcoming astrology.

Themes 🌈 … Brass tacks, mental clarity, emotional inventory, breakthroughs, X-ray vision, shadow-parsing, a way out

What’s happening 🔮  … 

January 24th: Mars enters Capricorn at 4:53 am PTJanuary 25th: Mercury retrograde enters Capricorn at 7:05 pm PTJanuary 28th: Mercury conjoins Pluto at 8:16 pm PTJanuary 29th: Venus stations direct in Capricorn at 12:46 am PTJanuary 30th: Sun squares Uranus at 11:31 am PT

What you’ll need 🎒 … Spreadsheets, magnifying glass, healthy detachment, inner strength, radical honesty, fresh roses, 5D chess moves, grounding rituals, extra copies of Codependent No More

How to make the most of this week 🎯 … After the past few weeks of heart excavation, Mars in Capricorn will shift the rubble and help you blaze a path out of Hades. Mercury, meanwhile, is in scout mode, backtracking over Venus’ retrograde trail. Our psychopomp will bring a forensic eye to everything we shed in the underworld. You can now draft the blueprints for future desires and translate any lingering shadows. Finally, Venus stations direct with the thunder-clap of Sun square Uranus, bringing a charge of electricity to the journey out.

Tarot card of the week 🃏 … The Devil is a card of material bondage and carnal pleasures. Whether it’s the short-term gains of late capitalism or our own patterns of addiction (or “cat and mouse”), this card acquaints us with our shadows and growth edges. Though we can delude ourselves into thinking we are helpless to change negative habits, we have the power to break free of them. This horned kitty has no “owner” but itself. The Devil card also corresponds to the sign Capricorn, where the current pile-up is taking place.

Affirmation of the week 😌  … I honor my spidey senses. I give myself the rest I need to not make werewolves out of shadows, but to trust my inherent knowing. I strive to identify the wisdom that helps me grow, even if it doesn’t register on anyone else’s curriculum. I define which rules I live by.

What to read and listen to 📚 … Your horoscopes for Mars in Capricorn (starting Monday), Mercury in Capricorn (starting Tuesday), Venus in Capricorn, as well as the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius; your reading and meditation for the week.

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scorpio and leo friendshipYour Guide to the Week of January 24th

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