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How to Work with the Astrology of 2022what sign is february 28 birthday

How to Work with the Astrology of 2022what sign is february 28 birthday

How to Work with the Astrology of 2022what sign is february 28 birthday

When it comes to the life-long project of “knowing thyself,” it helps to have a mirror. Astrology provides just that: a mirror for your inner psyche, yearnings, and growth edges. Astrology works on the ancient Hermetic principle, “as above, so below. As without, so within.” In other words: the cosmos reflects you. And even more miraculously? You reflect the cosmos. By peering into the enchanted mirror that is your birth chart, you gain insight into your deepest self, your life, and all your heroic quests.

Here are 3 ways to use astrology in 2022:1. Get to know your birth chart 🧭

The best way to learn astrology is to experience it through the window (or mirror) of your birth chart.

Just like Earth, all the planets in our solar system trace orbits around the Sun. They never stop this conga line. However, we can take a snapshot of the sky at any given moment. That’s what your birth chart is: a snapshot of the sky at the moment of your birth.

Astrology charts are geocentric. They’re not cast from the point of view of the Sun, or some extraterrestrial observer, but the specific latitude and longitude of a given location on Earth. That’s what makes your birth chart so special. While everyone born at the same moment will have planets in the same signs, they’ll appear in different corners of the chart, depending on the births’ geographic coordinates.

That’s because the signs of the zodiac occupy different houses depending on the sign rising on the eastern horizon, which is specific to both time and place. This is your rising sign, which is also known as your ascendant. Using Whole Sign Houses, your rising sign forms the 1st House of the birth chart. The next sign forms the 2nd House, and so on.

Knowing where the planets are situated and how they speak to each other can provide a roadmap for your life. It reveals your tendencies, talents, comfort zones, and growth areas. It also points to your personal mission in this life: the pursuits that will light you up and give you meaning.

Astrology can be pretty overwhelming at first, but homing in on your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs provides a great place to start engaging with the cosmos.

You can use this tool to calculate your birth chart or go to the CHANI app.

The 3 keys to your birth chart include:

🌞  Your Sun

This is the one everyone tends to know. Your Sun sign and house indicate how you shine and where you shine. Your Sun’s interaction with other planets explains the gifts and challenges you’ll encounter while following your north star.

🌑  Your Moon

Your Moon sign and house reveal how, and in what area of life, you meet your physical and emotional needs. Your Moon’s engagement with the planets will illuminate how other people and situations impact your emotional and physical landscape.

🚀  Your rising sign and its ruler

The ancients interpreted the rising sign as a place of life and vitality, because it is here that the Sun rises, birthing a new day. This is the helm of your life’s ship. It represents your sense of self and identity. You can think of the planet that rules the ascendant, your chart ruler, as your personal steersperson. Where it is, what it wants, and who it is being helped by will give you specific instructions and insights into your life’s purpose.

For a full reading of your Sun, Moon, and rising signs — and to meet all the other planets in your chart — download the CHANI app and explore the information under the Chart tab.

2. Find out what 2022 has in store for you 🔮

Once you understand the basic landscape of your birth chart, you can witness how the currently transiting planets (that is: the planets in the sky right now) are impacting your birth placements (where the planets were when you were born).

Here are some examples:

Where to Find Abundance 🧺

This year, we’re experiencing the transit of Jupiter through one of its home signs, Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces is abundant, generous, generative, and inspired. If you have Pisces rising, these gifts from the cosmos could land in a very felt, visible, or personal way, because Pisces is your 1st House of self. If you have Aries rising, Jupiter in Pisces could feel a little harder to detect. You’ll find abundance through deep rest and scrying your inner waters.

Where to Commit and Set Boundaries 🚧

As another example, Saturn will be in Aquarius for all of 2022. Saturn is known for restriction, reality checks, and responsibility. If you don’t have significant placements in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius), Saturn’s lessons may not be so direct for you. If you’re a Leo rising, or you have a Scorpio moon (to give two examples), you might notice that the lessons — and opportunities for growth — are landing a little closer to home, with a severity (Saturn) that is undeniable.

When the Lights Go Out 🕶️

In 2022, we’ll experience eclipses along the Scorpio and Taurus axis. Just like planetary transits, these will manifest for you in different ways depending on your birth chart. During an eclipse, the light of the Sun and the Moon gets extinguished. For everyone, eclipses are occasions to rest, release, and lay low, rather than start new ventures. Instead of packing your schedule around these days, clear your calendars. Take a salt bath. Meditate on what stories, emotions, responsibilities, patterns, or tethers you no longer want to hold onto.

Retrograde Shade ⏪

Like every year, we’ll also have our share of retrogrades in 2022. In fact, 2022 boasts more retrogrades than usual, because planets like Venus and Mars don’t go retrograde every year. We started this year in the midst of Venus’ retrograde in Capricorn, and we’ll end the year with Mars retrograde in Gemini. Mercury will also go retrograde 4 times — unzipping through both air and earth signs. Like eclipse seasons, retrogrades can be ripe opportunities for introspection. Pull out your editing pen, your old diaries, and albums. Tune into your inner voice.

For more on the astrology of 2022, we’ve got you covered:

Listen to your Year Ahead reading in the CHANI app, which offers an audio breakdown of all the turning points this year, from Mercury, Venus, and Mars retrogrades to eclipse seasons to Jupiter’s abundant return to Pisces (and its fiery debut in Aries — coming this May).Learn how to work with this year’s astro weather directly through our four workshops on Abundance, Love + Desire, Clearing, and Motivation.Track all the key transits in book form with the guidebook for your rising sign, which breaks the astrology down into helpful lists and tables, introducing you to the planets and providing context for how the skies are shifting — and how they impact you.Check out the Transits section of the CHANI app to track all these movements in real time. This corner of the app is devoted entirely to how the planets are impacting your birth chart — and your life — every day.3. Build a relationship with the planets 💖🕯️

One thing to know about astrology: you are not a passive recipient of the cosmos. Yes, astrology can feel like a tightrope dance between fate and fortune — but it doesn’t have to be fatalistic. You can talk to the planets, pray to them, meditate with them, dream with them, and open yourself to the lessons they have to offer.One way to build a relationship with the planets is to build your own planetary rituals. To begin, dedicate part of your home, bedroom, garden, or office (etc.) as a ritual space. Just as you’d probably clean your digs before inviting any important guest to your home, it’s best if you can take a moment to clear and prepare this area — even if it’s just a shelf, or a corner of your room. Set up an altar for your chosen planet or planets. Your altar can include a bouquet of flowers, or stones and trinkets that correspond to that planet, or it can be as simple as a stack of books. 

Tips and Tricks 🪄

Light a candle and introduce yourself to the planet. Tell them what’s on your mind or your goals for exploring this relationship.Choose a planet that matches your intentions. If you want to explore love or relationships, Venus might be a better starting place than Mars, for instance.Time this ritual for the planetary day. If you’re working with one of the 7 traditional planets, each corresponds to a day of the week: Sunday (Sun), Monday (Moon), Tuesday (Mars), Wednesday (Mercury), Thursday (Jupiter), Friday (Venus), Saturday (Saturn).Start small. Simply wearing the planet’s color — like black (Saturn’s color) on Saturday or green (Venus’ color) on Friday — can be a way of initiating a relationship.

The CHANI app releases ritual and altar suggestions every Sunday, which gives you a more detailed breakdown of how to work with the New Moons, Full Moons, and key planetary signatures from week to week. In addition to these rituals, our weekly workshops offer you fresh readings and meditations to help you connect to the current astro weather, as well as journal prompts to help you reflect on your experiences and intentions. All these offerings are designed to support you as you unlock your potential to heal, learn, and step into your divine mission and abundance.

You can find and read your horoscopes for the current astrology here!

what sign is february 28 birthdayHow to Work with the Astrology of 2022

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