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Horoscopes for the Sun in Aries, 2022cancer 2022 horoscope

Horoscopes for the Sun in Aries, 2022cancer 2022 horoscope

Horoscopes for the Sun in Aries, 2022cancer 2022 horoscope

Read your Aries season horoscope to find out how the Sun in Aries will impact you

Spear your own path this Aries season

As a cardinal fire sign, Aries is known to bash horns-first into fresh adventures. Like crocuses piercing through frostbitten earth, Aries delights in spearing its own path. It finds security in action — and profound discomfort in biding its time. Often, this discomfort manifests as impatience, frustration, and skipping on to the next pursuit.

This Aries season though, we may have to diversify our strategies. The Sun thrives in this sign — it’s considered “exalted,” which means it holds a place of special honor — but, Aries’ ruler, Mars, will be ensnared in a few tussles. First, Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus on March 22nd. This isn’t a new story. We’ve been grinding through this fixed sign tension for over a year now. However, Mars — a planet we associate with inflamed tempers, brashness, and war — has a way of dousing lighter fluid over everything it touches. Mars square Uranus is volatile — even volcanic. The Aries M.O. of act-first-apologize-later must be reappraised. 

On April 4th, Mars joins Aquarius’ ruler, Saturn, and raw reality (and responsibility) catches up with us. While Mars can be rageful and impulsive, Saturn represents the cool gaze of authority, restrictions, and boundaries. The last time these two joined forces was March 2020, the beginning of lockdown in North America. 

We’re not there. We’ve learned and endured too much to find ourselves back at the beginning of this story. Yet there might be an echo to that period. Because this is the last time Mars and Saturn will join in Aquarius for 30 years, this final merger could actually bring some resolution, even if it feels hard to chew on.

Jupiter and Neptune spin a fantasy

Just over a week later, on April 12th, the thorns of the situation are subdued by the anesthetic fumes of Jupiter and Neptune. While Jupiter brings abundance, wisdom, luck, and expansion, Neptune spins a web of dream, escape, fantasy, and transcendence. Together, these are two ecstatic poets, or ravers, or mystics, and we’re invited to the pool party. 

Jupiter and Neptune haven’t joined each other in Pisces since 1856, a time when opium dens, romantic literature, and séances prevailed. However, with Neptune there’s always a gauze of deception. The question is: what aren’t we perceiving? What realities are we refusing to look at? What systems of supremacy have simply shape-shifted into different buildings with different names but are still firmly rooted in our world?  

In our personal lives, Jupiter and Neptune can provide a healing tonic that we very much need right now — or anesthetize us further. This combination can soften the razor edges of this season and it can teach us to love, hope, and trust again. But we need to stay rooted, ask questions, and hold each other accountable. 

Always, no matter what love songs or sagas teach us, love and accountability go hand in hand.

*You can check out what planets you have in Aries by reviewing the Chart tab of the CHANI app, and cast your spells accordingly. Our journal prompts and ritual for the week of the New Moon will also guide you to make the most of this magic.

Your Sun in Aries horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates more for you. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. If you want to share this work, please credit the source by quoting it and providing a link to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you.

The following horoscopes were written by Eliza Robertson.

Aries & Aries Rising

When Sol scorches into your sign on March 20th, it revives you with a life-giving glow. The Sun in Aries is confident, plucky, and vital. Spilling its warmth into the part of your chart that rules your body and sense of self, you’ll enjoy a groundswell of energy. That go-get-’em quality you’re known for, which has possibly been on “dark mode” the last few weeks — it’s back. 

You’re back. 

The Sun in Aries brings more than flattering lighting, though. Your quests are always a little bit “heroic,” and there will be a few dragons lurking this Aries season. Mars, who rules Aries (as well as your drive and momentum) will receive interference from Uranus, the planet of disruption and instability, on March 22nd. 

The road ahead is potholed and boobytrapped. As much as it pains you to decelerate just as you’re gaining momentum, the prudence you exercise now could save you more headaches in the long run.

Unfurling next to Chiron, the healer, and Mercury, the messenger, the New Moon on March 31st activates your vulnerable side. You can’t tend to a wound under a plate of armor. Learning to communicate what hurts — to a friend, therapist, furred companion, guide, or diary — will be one of the clues to returning home whole. 

When Mars joins restrictive Saturn on April 4th, you’re asked to draw boundaries. The “no’s” that feel suddenly easier to articulate don’t have to be permanent, but your personal space is worth protecting right now. One of the most dazzling astrological events of the year happens on April 12th, when the planet of abundance, Jupiter, joins Neptune, the planet of dream and fantasy. 

Together, they concoct an elixir of healing and inspiration in the part of your chart that deeply needs this medicine. Journey into yourself. Right now, your inner world is more sacred than anything outside.

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Taurus & Taurus Rising

With Uranus, the planet of disruption, in Taurus since 2018, you’ve been the site of significant “landscaping.” By now, the inner tremors have possibly started to transmute your outer world. Such metamorphosis continues this Aries season. But with the Sun warming this corner of your chart, you may need to dip back into the quiet silk of your cocoon. 

Hot-headed Mars is currently roving through your place of career and public roles. While Mars’ fire can be fruitfully galvanizing, it’s not known for its prudence. When Mars squares Uranus on March 22nd, this game of pin-the-flaming-tail-on-the-donkey gets rambunctious. If you’re in a mood where you want to storm into your boss’ inbox and spew out the frustration you’ve not effectively ventilated until now — resist. Write your manifesto or angry letter, but don’t send it yet. Your complaints might be warranted, but the change you can effect will be more powerful if you act from a place of internal equilibrium.

Friendships and community offer sweet relief around April 12th. Spend time with the people who witness you the way you want to be seen. And always right now, come back to your inner world. So long as the Sun lights the torches in Aries, rest will be a panacea or cure-all for you. Sleep. Lower the blinds. Enter the space-time where you need not answer to anyone else.

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Gemini & Gemini Rising

Whatever marshmallows you’ve been roasting in your professional or public life the past few weeks: the people want some. They’re gathering around your campfire. Your social life will be the site of major expansion in the coming months. For now, the Sun’s journey to Aries provides an appetizer — and an invitation to test your jokes out on the crowd. 

There are a few ogres lurking behind the campsite, however. This Aries season comes with a Dickensian edge for all of us — “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” On April 4th, the unflinching directness of Mars couples with the crisp reality of Saturn to deliver a hard truth in the part of your chart that has everything to do with that — truth. 

Something you’ve been studying, apprenticing, meditating on, praying to, or voyaging toward may reveal its fangs. If you get curious enough, most schools of thought have a hideous side. Should any monsters lurk in the institutions you study, worship, or journey within, you may glimpse at them now. 

For better or worse, this reality check won’t puncture the euphoric cloud you’re drifting on in your career. Your inspiration and receptivity will reach an all time high around April 12th. Remember, though — like dopamine and baseballs, what goes up must come down. Tying your kite string to something securely on this earth will make a safe landing easier to achieve.

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Cancer & Cancer Rising

From March 20th, the Sun claims its perch at the high noon of your chart. This is the chariot seat from which you steer your public roles. Whenever the Sun warms this part of your chart, you exude powerful boss energy, even if you don’t feel so certain of yourself on the inside. 

This is one of your beautiful paradoxes. Others perceive you as sparky and fearless, even when you feel, at times, like your inner child dressed in grownup clothes. Whiffs of impostor syndrome may creep in around March 31st, as a New Moon unfolds between Mercury, the messenger, and Chiron, the maverick healer. 

Chiron has a way of activating the parts of ourselves that feel like the village outsider — but also the village wise-one. Be patient with this process, and there’s a lifetime of healing and growing to unlock. 

A few days later, the conjunction between Mars and Saturn on April 4th lands like a fish bone in the throat. In the part of your chart that rules collaborations and other people’s money, as well as your grief processes, you might witness a side of yourself, another person, or an institution that you’ve been hesitant to confront until now. 

Mars and Saturn bring reality checks, yes, but this is one you’ve been readying yourself for over the past year. Your only task now is to be honest with yourself and those around you. If your honesty smarts, know that a soothing salve arrives a week later, when Jupiter and Neptune join. In the part of your chart that relates to your wisdom and spiritual seeking, your experience of this union could be downright oracular. Don’t rush to translate your experience to anyone else, though. Whatever parts of yourself have felt fearful to trust, or too self-protective to have faith — let them soften. 

The miracle of Jupiter / Neptune in Pisces doesn’t come around everyday — or every century. Drink up.

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Leo & Leo Rising

Starting March 20th, Aries season tugs your attention to the pursuits that make you vaster. Aries season pools light in your libraries and temples — whether that looks like a dedicated room, or a candle on the bedroom floor. This is about your bookshelf and your library card. Your passport and your meditation cushion. 

Whatever waves you surf this season, it’s all part of the lifelong project of how you get wise. The first bursts arrive around March 22nd, when fire-bellied Mars in your partnership sector scrapes with unpredictable Uranus in your place of career. This is not a new story. You’ve been riding the turbulence between partnership and professional pursuits for a year now.

Whatever tension has been brewing, Mars has a way of pimpling it to the surface. Neither Uranus nor Mars are known for their long term planning, and it will be tempting to be impulsive. Sometimes those fly-by-night decisions are what’s needed to mobilize a stagnant situation. Other times, there’s wisdom to the adage, “sleep on it.”

Reality could land with a thud around April 4th, when Mars joins together with Saturn. This story will continue to unspool all year. The key is learning — intimately — your role in whatever is going on. Then subvert any tendency you might have to obstruct your own happiness — whatever that means for you. 

A deep healing spring opens soon after, on April 12th, when Jupiter and Neptune join together in Pisces. In your place of collaborations, intimate exchanges, and grief, this celestial coupling reminds you how to trust and how to have faith. Whatever sorrows you’ve been gathering over this life, you don’t have to carry them on your own anymore. 

You are soothed and renewed, and you have helpers — seen and unseen.

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Virgo & Virgo Rising

When the witch Goddess Hecate witnessed the abduction of Persephone into the underworld, she helped Persephone’s mother search for her, torch in hand. As the Sun burns into Aries, you can think of it this way: the kindling of your torch in the shadows. 

Aries is the part of your chart where you mourn anyone or anything that’s been robbed of you. Here is your lost and not-yet found, your place of grief and grief work.

With sharp-edged Mars chafing with disruptive Uranus at the same time, your focus on this area could be informed by the tension brewing between your work responsibilities and your yearning for self-expansion. 

Uranus is currently torquing the landscape of your study, spirituality, and adventure sector. You might be internalizing some of that discord at the beginning of Aries season, especially if you can’t roam in the ways you used to, or want to, due to your daily grind. 

A blunt reality check arrives on April 4th, as Mars and Saturn clang together in your place of work and wellness. You may feel restricted or unmotivated around this time, especially when it comes to your work or wellness routines, but this sense of rigidity could be, for now, short-lived.

The union between Jupiter and Neptune on April 12th will bewitch your partnerships and commitments. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, abundance, and growth, while Neptune is transcendent, inspired, and porous. 

This is the honey love sagas are made of — but yes, there’s an undercurrent of deception with Neptune. There’s a dizzy disorientation. You’ll have to take care to not melt so completely into another that you forget your own beautiful edges.

Yet this merger is also divine, blissful, and replenishing. If your ability to trust others has come into question, this moment reminds you of your suppleness and your ability to receive.

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Libra & Libra Rising

As the Sun flames into Aries on March 20th, it lights the beeswax tapers on your table for two. This part of your chart concerns all your chosen co-conspirators: your business partners, art collaborators, best friends, and beloveds. Also your accountant, astrologer, therapist, clients, and so on.

This is the place where vows are spoken or understood, where you’re bound together by some mutual hope, purpose, and commitment. 

The thorn patch of Aries season prickles the airways of Aquarius, your place of pleasure and creativity. As flame-throwing Mars navigates the dust cloud from silt-disturbing Uranus, our usual programming gets destabilized. This is the case for everyone, but for you, it impacts your ability to feel fun, generative, and playful.With Mars soon to join Saturn on April 4th, your usual pleasure pursuits may feel like they’ve lost their fizz. Mars / Saturn in your place of creativity could also manifest as a creative block, like you have to dislodge a Sisyphean boulder from your usual pipeline to the muses. 

Remember that fallow periods follow fertile periods for a reason. We all need a season to recharge. Also: we’re programmed to want as part of our chemistry — that’s how the body ensures we keep nurturing ourselves. If hunger didn’t miraculously return every day, we wouldn’t feed ourselves. We wouldn’t leave the comfort of our grotto to seek and forage and strive. 

On April 12th, Jupiter and Neptune entwine in Pisces, your place of work and health. This union hasn’t happened in Pisces for 150 years — and it won’t again in our lifetime. For you, this merging brings the deepest — even molecular — renewal, and bliss in the work itself.

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Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

With Aries in your 6th House of work and wellness, you’re someone who needs a little fire to get you started. As the Sun enters this corner of your chart on March 20th: you have it. The lighter fuel and the ignition to enter “production mode.” 

Now, production mode could look like a day at the home office, or factory, or driving a bus, or driving your kids to school, or scrubbing the shower gel scum from your bathtub, or anything else besides. This is the toil of your day, whatever that consists of. 

It’s also your place of health and wellness. With the Sun burning through Aries, you feel an extra glow in your cheeks and a revived motivation to do something that makes you feel vital. 

Come back to these rituals when you need to release the heat. On March 22nd, razor-tongued Mars tussles with Uranus, the planet of chaos and disruption. With Mars in your place of family and home, and Uranus in your partnership sector, your exchanges with family, significant others, or roommates could feel on edge, if not volcanic. 

You’ll need to find constructive ways to ventilate, whether that involves giving yourself some space, or funneling your fire into work, or a wellness practice, or blaring goth rock while vacuuming, while head-banging, while screaming your complaints to the world. 

Boundaries could come in handy around April 4th, when Mars joins Saturn, the planet of restriction and rigidity. If you can articulate what space you need now, you’ll avoid molten eruptions down the line. 

Meanwhile, something truly special is unfolding in Pisces, your place of pleasure, creativity, and fun. As Jupiter and Neptune find each other on April 12th, the petty resentments and irritations you’ve been holding are rinsed away. If you have a creative practice, this is a time where your creative wells are siphoning straight from the cistern of the muses. 

Jupiter and Neptune deal in a currency of bliss and generativity. You’re a channel for this grace right now, however you want to be.

To read about where every planet currently is in the sky and how that’s impacting you, download the CHANI app for iPhone.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

The struggle for you — and for everyone, but especially you right now — is finding the time. With Mars in Aquarius careening through the gravel kicked up by Uranus in Taurus, your workload (and health limits) feel at odds with your calendar. 

Uranus has been landscaping your place of work and health for the last few years now. As a result, your work life (and possibly your energy levels or wellness) have likely felt a little chaotic. As Mars shovels hot coals into this whirlwind, you’re extra fired up, wanting to accomplish more than is realistic for a human. 

Reality will be hard to ignore on April 4th, when Mars clangs together with Saturn in your place of communication and daily activity. Right now, the words “no thank you,” or “not yet,” or “I will be out of the office from…” will be your allies. As will the mantra, “I am not a machine.”

Know that home is the place you’ll want to dedicate some sacred time, as Jupiter and Neptune merge in this area on April 12th. This is the moment where your abode becomes your temple, or your sanctuary, or your pleasure palace, or your secret garden. There are deep cisterns of love and healing to be tapped.

To read about where every planet currently is in the sky and how that’s impacting you, download the CHANI app for iPhone.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

As the Sun ladles its light into the midnight of your chart, it tugs your focus to matters of family and home. If your sense of belonging, family, or roots has felt wobbly in recent months, Aries season adds a welcome log to the hearth fire. 

The crunchy patch this season arrives around March 22nd, when Mars pilots through the interference kicked up by Uranus. Mars in your place of money and material security may spur you to take financial risks, while Uranus makes it impossible to predict the outcome. This isn’t an ideal combo. 

Everyone will feel rattled by this moment, and your best strategy will be to bide your time. On April 4th, Mars lands next to Saturn, the planet of patience and prudence. Saturn favors those who wait, and Mars answers to Saturn while in Aquarius. The key right now is to pace yourself, and as always — do your research. 

Just over a week later, Jupiter paddles into the open arms of Neptune. This union irrigates the soil of your daily life and communications. If you’re a writer, podcaster, or a voice for a cause of any kind, you’ll feel revived with a groundswell of inspiration. Even awe. 

Your daily exchanges, rituals, and rounds could gain a whiff of the supernatural around this time too, with an uncanny sense that the Great Beyond may actually lie Deep Within — and vice versa.

To read about where every planet currently is in the sky and how that’s impacting you, download the CHANI app for iPhone.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

As the Sun blazes into Aries, it revives the exchanges and rounds of your daily life. Your rituals, conversations, social feeds, and text threads become a source of energy for you. As do your relationships with siblings, sibling-friends, cousins, and extended family. 

At the same time, you may feel like you’re in the middle of a gory rebirth process. With the planets of momentum (Mars), connection (Venus), and responsibility (Saturn) all huddled in Aquarius, your place of self, the growing pains are acute right now. 

While Mars propels you forward, it could feel like you’re charting a path through an impending rock slide. Caution and watchfulness will be your allies. If there’s one lesson Saturn’s been drilling into you over the last year, it’s this: time is all you have — so take it. 

On April 12th, the divine abundance of Jupiter will meld with Neptune’s dream machine. In your place of money and material security, you may have no shortage of work, or you could find yourself the beneficiary of a lavish windfall. 

More than this though, Jupiter and Neptune remind you how to trust again, or how to hope again, especially when it comes to your sense of security. Learning to believe in your own divine abundance is the most precious gift that could come from this rare and holy merging.

To read about where every planet currently is in the sky and how that’s impacting you, download the CHANI app for iPhone.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Pisces season may be over for the year, but the season of You is just getting started. When the Sun dips into Aries on March 20th, it heats the sauna stones in your place of money, material security, and self-worth. The Sun in Aries is energetic and reviving. While here, it lights a flame in your belly to forage the earnings that you can thrive off of. 

But Aries season comes with a few substantial distractions. 

Mars, the planet of heat and striving, must pass through the hailstones of Uranus in Taurus. Your daily life could feel destabilized, or destabilizing, at this time. While you may not be a direct recipient of the cacophony, it could lead you to feel a little off-kilter. 

As Mars joins Saturn in the most hidden chamber of your chart, know that your inner administrator could be claiming a little too much airtime. If the internalized criticism or naysaying starts to get shouty — shout back. The critical voices aren’t any more right or realistic than the one saying you’re divine, perfect, and whole. 

Meanwhile, one of the biggest astrological events of the year happens on April 12th — and you’re the host. On this day, the planet of wisdom and abundance, Jupiter, will entwine with Neptune, the planet of mysticism, dream, and bewitchment. 

Not everyone will witness god in their pancake or levitate off their meditation cushion — though you could — but this union will be spiritually, poetically, and even biologically nourishing. 

Whatever lemons you’ve been sucking on over the past few years, whatever letdowns have blown through you and made you feel brittle and arid — Jupiter and Neptune are here to bless you, hydrate you, and hold your hand home.

To read about where every planet currently is in the sky and how that’s impacting you, download the CHANI app for iPhone.

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